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Welcome to Special Resources the home of Card Boxes, a growing new photographic flash card library to support the teaching and development of language and learning skills. 

Bright, fresh and exciting the cards are suitable for children and adults providing a valuable resource for any language learning programme.

All cards present and future will be produced to the same size - 8.5 x 12.5 cms, and are laminated for durability and ease of use. 

"Realistic, clear, bright and MODERN images ideal for teaching children and adults with autism or speech and language difficulties. These new sets of flash cards have been professionally produced to a high standard. The tough laminate seal protects the cards and allows you to annotate the back of them, wipe off and reuse. A perfect teaching tool!"

Carole Roxburgh BCBA

PICTURE CARD BOX (Version 2) -  £80.00     
300 vibrant updated  images of 50x Home & Garden, 50x Animals, 50x Food and at least 25 each of Clothing, Town & Country, Toys & Games, Transport & Travel and Stationery & Technology.  Presented in a practical index style box with category tabs listing each image.
To download an editable index* of the 300 cards to help with assessment and tracking please click here
*Please note that this is only compatible with Version 2.

90 cards – 45 duplicate pairs covering shapes, colours, objects, food and animals. Ideal as a 'Starter' box for labelling and receptive identification as well as matching .

An index list is available to download please click here

50 original and exciting cards of relevant major events such as Christmas, Birthday, Easter and more, also including summer and winter holidays.
An index list is available to download please click here

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